Aug. 24, 2020

6 Chores Your Working Aussie can do on the Farm or Ranch

6 Chores Your Working Aussie can do on the Farm or Ranch

The Working Partner Never Knew You Always Needed

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Ever wonder what a dog can do to help you out on your operation? No matter how large or how small your place is, your Aussie partner can help you get the job done! 

Today’s episode is a very practical episode. It’s just me and my mic, surrounded by my best ranch hands, talking ranch and farm dogs! I am sharing the 6 chores my dogs do around the ranch on a regular basis, plus one thing they do naturally that makes the ranch life better! 


[00:30] Working Aussie Source

[00:   ] The value of a working dog on a farm or ranch

[09:20] Chore #1 Holding Stock off feed

[16:37] Chore #2 Holding Gates 

[18:18] I mention Susan Boyd interview I did in Episode 7

[20:14] Chore #3 Moving Stock around the place

[29:40] Chore #4 Loading Trailers

[32:57] Chore #5 Gentling Livestock / Dog Breaking 

[40:55] Chore #6 Working Cattle and Sheep

[46:00] Bonus Task- Protection & Loyalty - Protection and Loyalty

[57:00]- How to Find a  Working Aussie 

Looking for a working Aussie? Check out the list of proven working breeders at

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Produced and edited by Jacqueline Tinker