April 24, 2020

Endangered in the Ozarks

Endangered in the Ozarks

Sheila Pierson

Today I get to interview author Sheila Pierson who incorporates an Australian Shepherd, Jax. She took a real event that happened in her hometown and following her inspiration and muse to create an exciting adventure with an Australian Shepherd. This is a bit of a different podcast...you creatives will enjoy it! 

I am sorry we don't have much Aussie stuff in this podcast. I indulged my creative side and the writer in me couldn't help it! I had to talk writing. 

Download Endangered in the Ozarks today. 

1:00 Learning about Sheila and her dogs

17:30: About writing that first book

19:15: Transition from Leadership books to Fiction writing

23:00 Book Overview- Aussie Jax is a main character

28:00 The 80s...yep we even talk about the 80s

30:00 Review of the characters and book launches


Check out Sheila's book and her website. 


Check out her Facebook page The Ozark Post

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