Aug. 1, 2020

Run, Aussie, Run!

Run, Aussie, Run!

an Interview with Michelle Coleman

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This episode is all about the athlete Australian Shepherd. I get to interview ultra runner, Michelle Coleman.

Michelle Coleman is a true southern girl, hailing from West Tennessee, but has happily settled in the beautiful Flint Hills of North East Kansas. Michelle fell in love with trails and trail racing because it was kinder to her body, and most trail race directors allow her Australian Shepherd running partner, Stella, to accompany her. She especially enjoys hitting up the trails around Clinton Lake or Wyco in Kansas City, with Stella out in front and leading the way. Michelle puts into action her belief that runners should not limit themselves to just training with their four-legged running partner, but should also race with them as well, because it’s loads of fun! Michelle divides her work time between basic cancer research at Kansas State University, and being office manager for her husband’s business, Coleman Electric. Along with her wonderfully supportive husband, Tony, and their active, red-headed seven-year-old son, Andrew, Michelle shares her life with three red Australian Shepherds – Stella, Deuce, and Boom. In her spare time she coaches Girls on the Run, and Andrew’s baseball, soccer, and track teams. Michelle enjoys sharing her experiences running and racing with her Aussies at her blog, “Running with Reds.

  • IntroductionRunning with your Aussie
  • Managing behaviors in a high drive dog [18:00]
  • "The Snake" Race [19:00]
  • Training Your Dog Trail behaviors and commands [22:00]
  • Equipment [24:15]
  • Canicross [27:30]
  • Dog Friendly Racing [31:00]
  • Girls on the Run [34:00]
  • Injuries [38:00]
    Overweight dogs [42:10]
  • Diet and Nutrition for K9 Athletes [47:10]
  • Selecting the healthiest dog and best breeders [50:30]


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This episode was edited by Dorien Vogelaar. Much appreciation to her for her efforts to help me stay on track!