July 23, 2020

The Nose Knows- Tracking, Search & Rescue and more!

The Nose Knows- Tracking, Search & Rescue and more!

Interview with Christine Tait

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This episode is packed full of nosey topics like tracking, search and rescue, skijoring and more....This is a very interesting episode if you are thinking about starting in the sport of tracking or in search and rescue! 

Christine Tait is my guest this episode. She does tracking, nosework, barn hunt and search and rescue and skies with her Aussies in Alaska! We discuss all things tracking and search and rescue! 

Tantalize your inner zombie with our gross conversations about human remains and body farms! 

  • Introduction
  • Tracking: 11:45
    • Certifications
    • Testing
    • Training
  • Titles and courses 22:15 
  • How to get certified 23:30
  • Training 26:00
  • Search and Rescue 27:30
  • HRD training 28:30
  • Search and Rescue Commitment  29:30
  • HRD zombies and body farms 33:30
  • Differentiating between sports 40:30
  • Confusing the dogs 42:00
  • Certification for Search and Rescue 44:45
  • Training and Callouts 48:00

Book I mentioned: Hero Dogs

ASCA Tracking rules: https://www.asca.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/trackingrules.pdf

AKC Tracking information: https://www.akc.org/sports/tracking/

Clinicians I mention in this episode:

Dick Staal- https://dogtrainingdickstaal.com/

Vincent Ramirez